How can I access an article the library does not own?
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If you are looking for an article and have already gone through to check if th library owns it (see How do I find the full article when you only have a citation? FAQ below) then you can request a copy of the article.

To make a request you need to email Ms. Goss ( The following information is should be included in your email when you make the request: a link to the article details or at all important information (journal title, volume, issue (if available), date (at least the year), page numbers, title of article, author, and when you need it by).

Please note that this process takes at least 24-48 hours to receive a copy of an article. Depending on how rare the article is it can take up to a couple weeks. So, do your research early and be sure to include an accurate date of when you need it by because it is possible that the article may not come on time. 

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