How do I find the full article when you only have a citation?
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Your first step in finding the full article is to see if the library has access to the full text. On the library's homepage you will see a link to "Full Text Finder."

Citation example:

Altschuler, Milton. "On the Environmental Limitations of Mayan Cultural Development." Southwestern Journal of Anthropology 14, no. 2 (1958): 189-98.

  1. Once in Full text Finder you will be searching by the title of the journal, not to be confused with the title of the article (journal titles are typically in Italics in a bibliography).

  2. Click "Search"
  3. Look at the results and locate the journal you are search for in the list of titles. If you cannot find the title of the journal you are searching for please contact a librarian. 
  4. Once located, click "Full text access"

  5. Check the coverage years to see if the year of publication in your citation is covered in the database
  6. If it is covered (Our example is 1958, so the answer is yes), click on the title of the database (JSTOR in this case).
  7. Look for the year, volume and issue your article is located (our example 14, no. 2 (1958)) 
  8. Click on the appropriate issue that would have your article

  9. Next you are looking for the title of the article (On the Environmental Limitations of Mayan Cultural Development.)

  10. From here you can read the article online or download the PDF. 


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