How do I cite a work of art or image?
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The easiest way to cite a work of art or image is through NoodleTools.

Once you're in your project and ready to create your citation, the first thing NoodleTools will ask you is, "Where is it?" If you found the image or work of art in a book, select "Print or in-hand." If you found it through a database like ARTSTOR, select "Database." If you found on a museum website, select "Website."

Then, select "Work of Visual Art."

Let's say you are trying to cite an image you have found in a book. If you have chosen "Print or in-hand," NoodleTools automatically assumes that you saw this work of art or image at a museum. In order to change this to include the book information, click on the drop-down menu at the top of the page that says "Work of Visual Art." From there, you will see several options. Choose the last one: "Visual Art Reproduced in a Book."

Once you've done that, you will now see two sections for the citation: one for the work of art or image, and the other for the book you saw it in. 

To fill out the boxes for the work of art, look for a caption or descriptive sentence in your book. Remember, only fill in the information that you have. Depending on when the work of art was created, you may not have the name of the artist. Don't put "Anonymous" or "Unknown" unless the book you are citing from uses that word. 

For the "Type of Art" box, select whichever option seems most appropriate. If you are citing something like a building, a poster, a piece of furniture, or something else that does not fit, simply choose "Other." "Description of the medium" means what the object or work of art is made of. Again, only fill this box out if you have that information.

If your work of art or image does not have a title, check the "Untitled (providing a description instead)" box. Then, describe the image or artwork succinctly and to the best of your ability. This is where a description or caption from the book may come in handy. The same applies to "Created." You may have an exact date, a date range, or even something like "9th century." Simply put in the information you have available.

Next, NoodleTools will ask you for the book information. Fill out these boxes with information from the title page of your book, and your citation will be all set.

If you're still having trouble with citations, simply stop by the OWHL and speak with one of the Instructional Librarians.

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