How do I cite a journal article?
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The easiest way to cite a journal article is through NoodleTools.

Once you're in your project and ready to create your citation, the first thing NoodleTools will ask you is, "Where is it?" Generally, you will find journal articles in two places: Websites and Databases. The majority of PA students find their journal articles in databases like JSTOR, ScienceDirect, Biology Database, or something similar.

Once you have selected the location, you should then choose "Journal" from the menu:

You should now be at the citation page for your article. First, NoodleTools asks for the following: DOI, URL, Name of the Database, and Database Accession Number. Remember, you should only fill out what you have. Most of the time, that is the URL and the name of the database. DOI stands for "digital object identifier" and is more common in scientific databases.

After filling out the top box, you will then move on to the boxes for the specific article. Put in the author(s), the title of your article, and the page numbers it appears on. If the title of your article is in all-caps, you must rewrite it in a normal style.

Next, you will fill out the boxes that describe the journal.

This information can usually be found at the top of the page for your journal article. For example, here is the top of a page for a journal article from JSTOR. As you can see, all the information you need can be found right there:

The journal title is always going to be in italics. The volume number will always appear first, followed by the issue number. Publication dates can vary by journal: some publish every two months, every season, or some other form. What's important is that you enter all of the information that you are given. 

Remember, NoodleTools may have boxes available for information you don't have. In the JSTOR article above, there is no mention of a Series, which is something NoodleTools asks for. You'll notice that JSTOR also tells you who publishes the journal. In this case, it is The University of Chicago Press. However, there is no place to put this information in NoodleTools. That's because the journal publisher is not a part of the Chicago-style citation for journal articles.

As long as you put in all the information you can, you'll be fine. 

If you're still having trouble with citations, simply stop by the OWHL and speak with one of the Instructional Librarians.

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